Is my site protected by cloudflare rn?

hello! i’m new to cloudflare and not a IP and dns expert hence why i’m asking these questions below.

is my website ports 80 and 443 meant to be open and is the dns meant to resolve back to ? :slight_smile:

thank you guys

Are you sure these are the current settings? Your naked domain does not appear to point to that 23 address. Also that service itself is on Cloudflare, so you won’t be able to proxy your domain and you’ll essentially use Cloudflare only as nameservers but none of its other features.

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Ok so everything that resolves to is proxied and good?

Is that meant to be the IPV4 IP FOR cloudflare?

Seemingly. It would appear as if this was the address Cloudflare assigned, though then you cannot have the settings from the screenshot.

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Ok what IPV4 should it normally be instead of ?:slightly_smiling_face:

And thank you for your help btw :slight_smile:

There is not one IPv4 address but these are specific to your account. If the record is proxied then this will be your proxy address.

Considering the proxied records from your screenshot resolve to the same address we can assume this is the proxied address.

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Ohhhh I see.

So if someone was to ddos my site right now via open port 80 could it easily be taken down? Or would cloudflare still block that.

And sorry I’m not very good at this kind of stuff lol :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

Can you double check rommy and lucy are your nameservers?

Testing the proxy ports is a bit pointless as you are only checking the proxies.

Yes, the nameservers seem to be correct. Technically you should probably contact support to clarify why an unproxiable record is proxied, but if everything is working you can also skip that.

Side note, a proper screenshot really is much better than a literal shot of your screen which is twisted :slight_smile:

For reference, even though the address from your screenshot is clearly not proxied and cannot be proxied either.

 Addresses:  2606:4700:3032::ac43:b16c

hahaha i’ve switched back to pc now not using safari mobile,
so everything looks working to you apart from the proxied unproxiabled ones? :slight_smile:

Seems to check out, except for what I wrote earlier.

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thank you for your time and help sandro :slight_smile:

so i should just create a ticket about the way its proxied and provide screen shots?

In this case you’ll even be able to use these features, though it might stop at any time because that address is not supposed to be proxied.

Might be a good idea, though be aware they might disable proxying.

ok thank you!