Is my site hacked? Strange URL in bot fight mode

I recently was testing my site via some tools and hit the bot fight mode page. But surprisingly, I saw that the HTML contained a very unusual URL that I’ve never seen before.

The URL is and I am definitely not the owner of this URL. It immediately made me think, has my site been compromised? Why is bot fight mode returning URLs that I don’t own or use?

I did a google search on this URL and it looks like it comes up in some other webpages that have bot fight mode as well.

Is this some kind of special cloudflare-sanctioned URL that they are officially using?

It’s very strange, and I don’t trust it. Anyone have insights on this?

Let’s just say Cloudflare has some interesting domains for anti-bot measures. Your site is not hacked.

For reference, the WHOIS for this domain lists:

Registrant Name: Eric Langheinrich
Registrant Organization: Unspam Technologies, Inc.

Unspam has this website: Unspam Technologies, Inc. : About Us

And it lists Eric as part of the management team. For good measure, Matthew Prince is listed alongside him (Matthew being the current CEO of Cloudflare).


By chance, do you happen to be accessing the site from Utah or Michigan?

I was accessing the site from Singapore.

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