Is my rule correct?

Wordpress with which my site is built organizes by default the folder uploads/year/month
to insert images
I would like to exclude images from the cloudflare cache and I have inserted this rule*/*
Always online

Is it correct?

Thanks in advance

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That depends on your setup. Where do you cache the files? In a page rule?

Post a screenshot of your page rules and of your “Caching” screen.

Assuming you use the default settings and want to cover all hosts (not just “www”) you best use the following path with a “Bypass cache” rule


Cache storage is done by the w3 total cache plugin.
This is a screenshot

I’m sorry but I don’t understand, apart from that I’m Italian and I don’t speak English well, what do you mean by screenshot of page rules and screenshot Caching?

I just want to know if the rule
Always online

is valid for disabling cache on cloudflare

Every image I have comes out of my server with this path now because we are in October and the year 2019


No, it is not. Please see the rule I posted earlier, which should do exactly what you want.

As you can see I do not have the rule Bypass cache
What do I have to put among the ones I have available?

-> Cache Level

Thank you very much
I appreciate your help.
I’m grateful.
I’m sorry, but I’m a newbie.

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