Is my proxy IP allways the same AND can i allow proxy but exclude an IP SERVER!


Hi there,

I have 2 questions.

  1. If using Cloudflare Proxy, will i have allways the same IP or the ip will change?

  2. IF using Cloudflare Proxy, can i allow a specific Server IP to access my domain without Proxy. Example we use a payment gateway, in wich the IP must be static. And now when i use Cloudflare proxy i get problems as the IP is different. So Can i exclude this Server (payment gateway) to see my real IP and not the Proxy IP.


Hi @sportmastermk,

It may change, probably not very regularly but it’s not static.

There isn’t a way to tell Cloudflare not to proxy requests from a specific IP. You would probably need to configure the payment gateway to use your server’s IP directly or to use an unproxied hostname.