Is my ISP blocking dns?

Hi, my ISP is Wishnet Private Limited India (, and dns of my ISP is I have configured the Cloudflare’s DNS in my Router’s settings. But whenever I’m browsing this site ( its showing my ISP’s DNS.
Why is this happening? Is my ISP blocking Cloudflare’s DNS?

What does

ipconfig /all


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DNS Servers:
which is same as the default gateway of my router (through which I access the router login page)

Run this test

and paste the generated link please. If the connectivity test fails, run a


and Post the full results here. Blur out the first two or three HOPs which will show your IP information.

Another try could be to replace the current primary with

It’s showing me these results
(and sorry for late reply, I guess we’re in different time zones respectively :sweat_smile:)

@MarkMeyer Please Help me to resolve this issue!

Yes, we are :wink:

Sorry for the late reply, but we all do this in our spare time.

Can you post a screenshot of your router’s DHCP settings? IIRC there’s also a DNS option

These are the screenshots of DHCP
(sorry but I can’t understand about IIRC as you mentioned)
(and thank you for helping me out to resolve this issue, I appreciate it! and I hope we’ll be able to find a solution)


Replace the DNS Servers there with Cloudflare’s after that run the following commands

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

If I remember correctly