Is my cloudflare account compromised?

I didn’t login in Cloudflare for the past two months. Today when I logged in. One of my domain was automatically deleted, the other one was fine. Also 2FA was turned off, which I didn’t remember doing. Earlier I used Security key authentication method in 2FA. Now i am using authenticator app. Also in the traffic location around 400 were from Tor. Is it possible that my account is compromised

If you’re comfortable sharing, what are the domains?

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Hi @badbot, I’m looking at your account right now and I don’t see any signs of domains removed in the audit logs nor via whois, dig, security trails, whatsmydns; I can only see each of them added to cloudflare only once, one a while back and one just recently. +1 to the question from @Judge, can you share which domain is causing you an issue and I’ll dig deeper?

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