Is my cacheing set properly?

I have a WP site that seldom changes and has no users other than me and no commenting. My main goal is to protect my GoDaddy server from traffic loads if I get slashdotted.

I’ve set up the rules below using the free CF version:

I’ve turned off the toolbar on the WP users’ screen.

And I have the CF plugin installed with Auto Purge Content On Update set to Yes. And I can manually purge the cache on the CF site if I’m in doubt about this working.

Chrome DevTools F12 shows cf-cache-status: HIT.

Is the above configuration sufficient? Is there anything else I need or can do to assure the maximum amount of caching?

I don’t care much about the edge cache, but it’s showing up in my headers as no-cache. Does it take many hours to populate, or is there something I’ve missed in setting it up?

Over the next few days, should the CF “Percent Cached” statistic approach 100%? If not, what can I do the move it in that direction?