Is My Browser Caching Logic Sane?

As I under stand it, if I add to the Cache App to respect existing headers, then to a page rule to cache everything, browser cache TTL 30 days, edge cache 2 hours, that this will

  1. Cache everything for 30 days from a visitors/Googlebot perspective.
  2. But every 2 hours the edge server will allow any Wordpress posts, tags, categories, anything be seen if there is a update on the origin server?

What I am trying to do is cache EVERYTHING (Wordpress posts, pages, tags, categories, images, css, javascript) for a LONG time, but if anything from posts, pages, tags, categories, images, css, or javascript is updated on the origin server a reader sees it immediately or as soon as possible.

Is this possible with the cache app and page rules?

If my login above is WRONG, what is the correct logic?

What is a better way to do this? Someone suggested a worker but that requires javascript coding knowledge.

As I said in the other thread, once it’s in Browser Cache, the browser isn’t going to look for an update until the 30 days is up, unless the user forces a refresh.

Yes, I’ve gone through the same thing (very recently). I ended up having to lower Browser cache time, but used this awesome plugin to pre-fetch internal links:

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