Is max upload size MB *1024 or *1000?

edit: TL;DR it’s *1024.

per Understanding Cloudflare's CDN – Cloudflare Help Center
the max upload size per request on free+pro is “100MB” , do they mean 100*1024*1024 bytes or do they mean 100*1000*1000 bytes?

I’d assume the smaller.

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Generally at Cloudflare we use SI units (i.e. powers of ten like 1000) instead of base 2 units (e.g. 2^10 or 1024)


Edit: cloudflare forum is fuc*** up the formatting of this post, like when write a number followed by a wildcard character followed by another number, the forum sees fit to remove the wildcard character for some reason ?

well you guessed wrong,
100*1000*1000 is 100000000,
yet i can issue upload requests up to (http protocol overhead) + (application/x-www-form-urlencoded overhead) + 104857600 bytes without a problem on the free tier, but when i try 104857600 + 1 byte, i get the “413 Request Entity Too Large” error, and (100*1024*1024)-104857600 is 0;

so the 100MB they speak of seems to be *1024, not *1000 ^^

then it appears that support article is an exception :thinking:

But I took the safer bet. Which is what I do if I’m unsure on limits.

Good test… looks like upload size is an exception to this rule of thumb.

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