Is .it TLD supported in CloudFlare?

hi guys i was wondering if .it TLD are supported in cloudflare? thanks

For the registrar? No, otherwise yes.

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No i have a .it domain registered with godaddy and want to use it with cloudflare, is that possible?

As already addressed.

i assume yes then, thanks.

You should fix your server certificate first however, as SSL is not working on your server and that cannot work on Cloudflare.

hi sandro, thanks for reviewing my site, im currently trying to fix that.
a member of the community told me that it is because of the DNNSEC not being active both on godaddy and CF so im trying to activate it in cloudflare, but it requires me to add a DS record on Godaddy but godaddy support says i can’t because my nameservers are CF ones.

That should not be a DNSSEC issue, DNSSEC is not active. This is an issue with your host and you would need to contact your host for that.

who do you mean by host? i registered my domain in godaddy, used CF nameservers for the SSL certificate and i plan on connecting it to a Go High Level Website, so which of the 3 entities is the host?

Where you have the content for your site.

so Gohighlevel?

If that is where you have the content, however it’s best to clarify this in the other thread.

in the “SSL certificate not showing up” one?

Yes, that’s where you discussed the issue, but as mentioned you’ll need to talk to your host.

so in your opinion the SSL certificate is not showing up because there is a problem with Gohigh level?


got it thanks
just to be sure, i bought the domain with Godaddy and it didn’t come with the SSL certificate so i decided to connect it to cloudflare because it gave a free one, does that work or is an error on my end?

A domain never comes with a certificate. That is something the host needs to provide, Cloudflare does not provide that either, but again, see the other thread please.

but doesn’t CF provide free SSL? https:// developers.cloudflare .com/ssl/edge-certificates/universal-ssl

Sorry, but locking here as we clarified the original question and this is a very different topic which should have its own thread. The search may also have more.