Is it this hard to transfer a domain?

I have a website domain on cloudflare that I am trying to use for one of my pages on cloudflare and so I deleted the domain so that I can reuse it as a custom domain on the pages settings. However there is a redemption period for the domain to get deleted so I can not even use it. Is there anyway to delete the domain faster so that I do not have to wait to reuse the domain on the pages?

Hi, you don’t need to delete your domain from Cloudflare in order to use it on Cloudflare pages. Quite the opposite, in fact.

You only need to delete the DNS A/AAAA/CNAME records that you already have for the name that you want to use.

Was the domain registered via Cloudflare, or is it only using Cloudflare nameservers?


I believe it was registered via cloudflare, and I already cleared all the DNS records. Still not able to use it on cloudflare pages…

Can you share your domain?

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