Is it take time to applying changed record settings?

hey hi
im changed my record settings for my domain,
it was a cname from to target
im changed cname to another target but still it redirects to after near a half hour.
is it normal? did i something wrong?

Does it mean you have created an A mail record and pointed it to your IP address?
While also for that A mail record it shoud be :grey: cloud.
Last thing to notice, add an record MX which points to the to make sure your e-mail would work as supposed.

Is the CNAME record :orange: cloud or :grey: cloud?
Have you got some cache settings at Cloudflare dashboard? If so, have you tried to purge the cache via Cloudflare dashboard?
Moreover, have you tried to flush the CNAME record using:

Nevertheless, was the CNAME (supossing :orange: cloud?) pointed to A (which is supposing being :orange: cloud, proxied via Cloudflare) or some other serviece/domain?

i dont have mx issue, its just a simple php server and i configured a cname,
it was a cname with target to but now i just changed cname target to another address,

Great, but I supposed it has to do something with your e-mail server because you have written in the first post.

May I know your domain name?

Could you please post a screenshot of your current DNS records at your Cloudflare dashboard?

Kindly, check here if the articles below can help you too to determine what kind of CNAME record have you got setup at Cloudflare DNS dashboard.
Also to note, maybe your CNAME record points to or third-party domain and does not have an SSL certificate?

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