Is it safe to whitelist LiteSpeed Cache IP address?

Hi, everyone. I want to ask if it is safe to whitelist LiteSpeed IP addresses. They told me that certain services, like image optimization, will require their servers to work, as these operations are not taking place on the client server due to high resources requirement. In order to keep the communication clear between my server and their servers, it is suggested to whitelist their IPs.

They have a long IP list. My site is already under attack. Is it safe to whitelist their IPs? If I ask them, of course they will say it’s safe. So I am asking it here.

I’d say, no.

My view is that it’s never safe to allow an IP address unless you have full control of it.

Take for instance the second IP address in the list they provided. It seems to be associated with several websites, according to Hurricane Electric. Do they control each of them? It looks like an IP address from a shared hosting provider.

So unless you are willing to go over one by one of these IPs, ask them questions, verify etc., I would not allow these IPs.

I haven’t used their image optimization feature, but I wonder why they would need to visit your site via HTTP requests as opposed to performing their optimization straight at the server, if you have their plugin installed.

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They download the images to their server, there they optimize it and create a webp version and then send it back to the origin server.

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