Is it safe to use XDMCP over WARP?

Hi, I am no expert on anything, but searching about this topic yielded no results so I wish to gain some insight if possible.

I am running WSL2 Ubuntu in Windows 10 where I have WARP running on the host Windows machine and the Linux subsystem/VM. I am wondering if I can safely use XDMCP over the WARP connection. The reason why I am asking is because as I understand it, XDMCP is an unencrypted remote desktop protocol, so would using this over the VPN leave the remote desktop connection vulnerable? Would it expose the connection to others using Cloudflare’s VPN network?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.

Going by the description of the protocol you want to use, if it’s the normal WARP service, without any specific Cloudflare for Teams/Cloudflare One personalization/setup, then no, as the traffic will still leave the network and go over the public internet, which requires you to expose the service to the public.

If you go the cloudflared route, with private network routing and no actual public access, then it might work. It might not due to protocol support, or other stuff, but you can try it, as it’s free.

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