Is it safe to create a CName and point it to a url?

Hi, i have setup a new site on Yoodu and have been running under their free subdomain for a few months. Everything is fine and I now wish to connect my domain name to it.

The site says to create a CNAME record (?) in my DNS for * and www and point it to

Is this a safe thing to do?

I was expecting an IP address not a URL.

This is all new to me and don’t want to break stuff.


It depends on what you mean by safe.

Creating a wildcard record (*) is not generally safe, and generally not needed.

Creating a CNAME to their domain name is perfectly normal. It means that they can manage the underlying IP addresses without needing all of their customers to change their DNS records. (But its a bit unusual to use the same name as their own website.)

In order to use custom CNAME you need their pro plan, and in a quick look at their free product there did not appear to be any options around HTTPS. Somebody will probably come in and say that using Yoodu Free behind Cloudflare is not secure.

Thanks Michael, I had a quick look and the free product uses https and seems to have a certificate by ‘Let’s Encrypt’ so all good.

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