Is it safe to allowlist ASN 132892 - CLOUDFLARE Cloudflare, Inc. on WAF custom rules?

I’m using rate limiting rules but I see that even cloudflare services are managed on these rules.

How to avoid this ? Is this safe to allowlist the entire ASN 132892 - “CLOUDFLARE Cloudflare, Inc.” to ignore the new rate limiting rules ?

I know how to do it, but wonder if it’s used exclusively by Cloudflare services and not also by customers that may use their network. (ex: trafic through Cloudflare WARP)


The ASN is used for warp and stuff like workers requests.

after testing myself, looks like Warp and workers are on another ASN and clearly identified on WAF events dashboard : 13335 - CLOUDFLARENET

So looking to the ASN 132892 - “CLOUDFLARE Cloudflare, Inc.” it seems to match exactly with these IP ranges :

So I understand I could safely allowlist it but I would appreciate an official confirmation.

I’ve sent a ticket to the Cloudflare support, I’ll let you know.

still waiting for a human answer from support (pro plan)… 12 days, I know this is not a P1/P2 but disappointing…