Is it safe to activate cloudflare while you are running adword campaign?

Hi there! I want to know if I activate cloudflare on my client’s website, would that affect my client’s ppc(adword) campaign. Because I’ve heard that google disapproves the campaign due to URL mismatch or something like that. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank You!

No. No. No. No.

It’s completely unsafe if you are not understanding how it works.

Let me explain.

  • Do not choose Cloudflare for the sake of free SSL. you will end up with redirect loop. Don’t get me wrong. I am saying so because you need to understand how actually it works. That’s it.

  • Bear in mind it will take 24 hours to update Nameservers and meanwhile you are self 10000% responsible to verify that all DNS records are in place. In rare occasions and especially with old-fashioned and less popular domain registrar nameservers I have seen few records missing. It’s always better to double check everything.

  • When you are new to Cloudflare, keep in DNS mode for the first 24 hours to avoid SSL error, because again my warning is it may take couple of hours to activate if by chance you are looking forward to work with non-top tld domains.


  • Take server level backup

  • If you want to keep HTTPS, make sure you already have valid SSL certificate.

  • If you are running WordPress, install Cloudflare official plugin first to restore real IP and avoid redirect loop kind of issues

  • Read it documentation about best practices

  • Do not hesitate asking if any doubts.

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