Is it recommend to add ipv4 for cloudflares nameserver?

I followed the instruction to set up my first domain with cloudflare. I first had to verify my DNS settings and then I got asked to change the nameserver for my domain at my provider. I noticed that only the hostname was given not the ipv4.

On my providers side, I have the option to add the ipv4 in addition. I also found at Finding the IP address of your Cloudflare Nameserver instructions how to find the ipv4 address of a nameserver.

However, since its not mentioned in the instructions, I wonder: is it beneficial to add the current ipv4 of the nameserver from cloudflare? Or will this make the DNS resolveing slower, or may even break it because the ipv4 could potentially change in future?

You should never have to enter the IP addresses of the Cloudflare name servers. Those hostnames already resolve through Cloudflare and have a slight chance of changing in the future, which would invalidate an IP addresses you’d add elsewhere.

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