Is it really worth upgrading to Pro plan to speed up the site?

Hello! I am having second thoughts if I need to upgrade to a Pro plan to speed up my website (

Currently, I have 56 score in Google Page Speed insights ( and low scores of Google Lighthouse Dev Tool (

I was wondering if upgrading can really improve the site speed loading?

My site is

Cloudflare has a very generous Free Plan. The most substantial speed benefits you will get from upgrading to Pro are:

Image optimization with Polish
Image optimization for mobile with Mirage

In a desktop setting, both improvements will not be significant enough to justify the move.

However, for mobile visitors, specially those on a slower connection, the improvement may be considerable enough to justify the investment.

But there’s a caveat: you’d have to test it yourself with a few different devices on 3G and 4G to notice the difference. In my experience, tests such as PageSpeed Insights etc may not show improvements as significant as what you see in the screen of a device.

You can always try the Pro Plan and cancel it after a month if it doesn’t improve the speed as much as you’d expect. Also, I’d suggest you try Argo, which is available on all plans (even the Free Plan) and is billed separately depending on your usage.

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