Is it possible yet to Register CO.UK domains?

Is it possible to REGISTER new CO.UK domains yet ??

When I try to do this through the CF Dashboard it does not work!
(I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious or if this feature does not work yet??)

According to this page, it should be possible:

When I’m on

  • I click on the MENU down-arrow near the top left and select “Registrar”.
  • I then choose the 3rd option down in the LH menu ‘Register (Beta)’
  • I enter into the search box and click the Search button (NO domains ending in UK or CO.UK are listed below, with the ‘Purchase’ text to the right)
  • If I change the above search to be .COM/NET/ORG etc, then the list below shows BOLD text of that option to purchase!

N.B. I already have several CO.UK sites within my CloudFlare account. Both the DNS Hosting AND the ‘Domain Registration’ (which I have done by completeing the process to Transfer them into CLOUDFLARE)

Anyone from CF Support here, know when this will be possible ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Cheers, Derek :grinning:

Hi @DerekGreen,

Checking now, this seems to be possible in my dashboard (though I haven’t actually tried to go through with the purchase). Can you confirm if you also see the option now?

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Hey Domjh,

Thanks for looking into this and replying to my post!

Yes, it appears to be working now! :grinning:

I’ve just checked myself and I I was able to search for a CO.UK domain in the ‘Register’ section of the CF Dashboard… and it now gives me the option to purchase.

Thanks to you and whomever else at CF got this working.

Cheers, Derek

No problem, I have no idea what caused it to work/not work. I just checked your post, went to confirm the issue and it was working :man_shrugging: Oh well, at least it’s fine now :slight_smile:

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