Is it possible to use Cloudflare to loadbalance for a GlusterFS and Galera Cluster?

Hey Forum,

Please think with me because I’m getting lost in my own though and I don’t want to do something I’ll regret.

I have a Laravel application, that I wish to deploy to 3 countries (Hungary, Germany and UK). This means 3 HTTPS servers. I want each of them having their own FileServer and Database Server. BUT at the same time I want these servers to be each others cluster. So I wish to have a 3 node database server with MariaDB and Galera Cluster, and also 3 FileServers made with GlusterFS.
Let’s say I want to have 3 domains.

Now, if I want to make a cluster for them, the HTTPS part is all clear. I have 2 questions for the two other clusters.

  • For Galera, I usually use a HAProxy with a single IP address and that redirects to one of the servers. Is it possible to add Cloudflares loadbalance a domain ( and the IP addresses of the 3 nodes and call it a day?
  • For GlusterFS I need to have 3 IP addresses, but it is possible to simply add Cloudflares loadbalancing a domain and the 3 IPs and just use that to mount the file system?
  • How mutch DNS query would this make for me roughly when, let’s say the application is idle and the only thing generating DNS query is the constant cluster both for File system and Database.

Sorry if I’m not clear in any point, please feel free to ask, I’m just getting very tired now, so I’m probably writing giberish… :smiley:

Thank you in advance !

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