Is it possible to use Argo and Siteground?

Evening everybody!

I’m a little bit confused!

I host with Siteground and enabled Cloudfare directly through the SG Optimizer plugin. I now want to enable Argo, but I cannot find an option with this on Siteground directly. When I log into my Cloudfare account directly, the option to enable Argo is blanked out. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something?! (FYI - I’m definitely not technical, so would love any simple tips to enable Argo!).

Since you’re using SiteGround’s settings, you’d have to ask them. Argo Smart Routing is a paid feature, so it’s likely that SG doesn’t include it.

Hi there, thanks for your speedy response. I’m more than happy to pay Cloudfare directly for the service, but will ask Siteground :slight_smile:

This would most likely require you to disable the SiteGround integration and manually add your site to Cloudflare with your own settings.

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Arggh, I was worried you might say that!!! I once enabled another website I own directly onto Cloudfare. Using my own settings didn’t end well and I deactivated Cloudfare as a result.

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