Is it possible to trigger a worker on a specific geographic region?

I can certainly see a big use case here, specifically measuring monitoring ping towards a local service.

Basically trigger specific worker on one or any of the 155 regions.

You may be able to check the header ‘CF-IPCountry’ to see where the client is connecting from but not sure if that is added before or after Workers.

Also you can always look at the URL,, to get details of the datacentre serving a request - not sure if you could call that in Workers too?

Both worth a play until a Workers expert chimes in.

Surprised this has no answer yet.

My worker depends on a third party service that only serves out of one datacenter in the world. I’d like to run the worker in a region as close to it as possible since I have to hit it a few times to compute the worker response.

Is it not possible to support this use case?

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Workers run closer to the user. It is not possible at the moment to selectively choose the PoP.

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I get that this isn’t possible, but I just want to add my support for the idea. This is the reason I can’t bring more of my code over from AWS. They let me specify the region which is totally critical to my application.