Is it possible to Transfer Domain without updating CloudFlare Name servers?

A couple of my domains are expiring in the next few weeks. So I’m wondering if I can move them to Cloudflare without changing the name servers to CloudFlare. I just created a new CloudFlare account and I see I have to “Add Site” before i can buy/ transfer a domain. Ideally I would like to keep the name servers with the hosting provider for now and just move the domain so I can deal with the name servers later. Is this possible? Any workarounds? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, at this time, domains registered at Cloudflare can only use the Cloudflare name servers in your account.

Thank you for the reply but sorry either I am confused or you misunderstood. What i am asking is 1. I would like to transfer to CloudFlare that is currently with godaddy.
2. To do this, I tried adding the site to the CloudFlare account and i am at the name servers step.
3. Do i need to finish this step and update name servers or is there anyway you can skip this step and add the site so I can later update the name servers?
4. After #3 will the domain be available to transfer from godaddy to CloudFlare?


You site needs to be active on Cloudflare before you can perform the transfer.

If it is on a supported TLD, yes. This step should be seamless, and will be an administrative change only, and should not actually change anything other than the registrar.


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