Is it possible to test CF before moving nameservers?

I’d like to test CloudFlare before finalizing my nameserver changes. Is there any way to point an endpoint to the CF name servers and test before doing so? From first glance, it seems like CF does not even activate the domain until the nameserver change is seen (i.e. when I try to resolve the servers via nslookup directly on the CF nameservers, they fail). Thanks in advance!

No, however, you should have nearly to zero downtime when moving to Cloudflare.
If you are not happy with Cloudflare, you can just switch the proxy offline and it would be the same as before.
Chances are that, even if you disable the proxy you will still feel more comfortable due to how easy it is to manage the DNS records.

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Thanks for the quick response. Made me a bit uncomfortable not being able to query and see the proxied records before moving them over.

It is normal that you feel a bit uncomfortable at first, do not worry about it :slight_smile:. The “migration” like I said, should not even be noticeable by the users or traffic of your site.
If you happen to run into any issue you always have both cloudflare and the community to give you a hand with whatever challenge you face while using the service.

Maybe a second domain, let’s say from Freenom, could help If you just want to test or play around.

But like @jnperamo said: don’t be worried too much. Even there’s a failure when a record is proxied you can disable it and it will take effect within a few minutes.

Thanks Mark. It was more of a concern that a query to the CF name servers does not return anything for our hosts and I usually like to be able to run some test queries before I move a name server. It just seems that until you’ve actually changed them at the registrar, CF does not even load them.

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