Is it possible to Switch?

Hello, so my website currently has an SSL Certificate from somewhere else and I want to switch to Cloudflares SSL Certificate, would i have to revoke the one I have at the moment to be able to add the cloud flare one, because I don’t want to cancel the one I have the moment before the Cloudflare one has been added and working

No. Your website’s SSL certificate is installed on your webserver, and Cloudflare’s SSL certificate is installed on their proxy web servers. You need both for Full SSL.

I’m confused So what does Cloudflare do exactly? Because I’m paying for the SLL I have a the moment and i want to get a free one. So Cloudflare doesn’t do that?

Cloudflare is a Reverse Proxy. It provides a secure and efficient front end to your website. They use a web server that pulls content from your web server and serves it to your visitors. Think of it as a deluxe CDN.

Oh! so Cloudflare don’t provide a Free SLL Certificate So Cloudflare provides like better load times of a website

Cloudflare’s server has its own certificate for your website. It’s free.
Cloudflare can also provide a free origin certificate that’s self-signed by Cloudflare. You can use it instead of that paid one, so long as you have Cloudflare enabled for your site. But you said you don’t want to cancel the one you’re currently using your server, which is ok.

I think I like the free origin one, but I was reading through the steps on how to install it, and now I have a few questions. So where would I get the “CSR” and would I have to point the DNS name servers to Cloudflare before installing the CSR on my hosting. Also, would I have to remove the paid SSL before doing the Origin one?

The Crypto page here generates the CSR in my browser (Safari). I think most browsers can do this.

Yes, you would have to switch over to Cloudflare before your new Cloudflare SSL certificate will work. Without Cloudflare proxying your site, visitors will get a self-signed certificate warning.

Yes, you will have to remove the paid SSL certificate to use the Cloudflare one. But if your paid one is still valid, I’d leave it as is until it nears expiration.

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So is there like a direct link of where i can generate the CSR ?

It’s in the SSL/TLS app at Cloudflare. Go down to the Origin Certificates section and click Create Certificate.

Alright, i will check it out when the current ssl expires which is going to be a while thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

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