Is it possible to stream without storing video?

I’m planning to use Cloudflare to stream continuously for several days, but at the moment the stream is automatically stored filling up soon all the space I have available.

Is there any way to stream without storing the resulting video?

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I’m interested in this too. I would like to use stream for a local tv station that is broadcasting 24x7 and the recordings would be huge and unnecessary since we have our own video archival process.

Is this somewhere on the roadmap @irvinebroque?

Previous topic about this:

This option is badly needed!

We’re working on this. Expect an update by the end of this year, likely sooner.


Along with this feature, it would be ideal if we could manually start/stop recording of live input (using API or dashboard).

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and backup streams too

Any update on this option? Getting close to the end of the year :slight_smile:

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Sometimes when a livestream disconnects, we suddenly have a video that’s 8 days long in our account. This flashes errors like “Can’t generate download URL. Video too long”.

With 11 days left in the year, I’m curious for an update too. Tagging @irvinebroque, or maybe @renan knows something too?

This is truly needed.

Is this still not an option?

Three months passed after the end of the year and I’m curious what happened to something that was clearly communicated as on the roadmap for the end of the year here. Maybe @irvinebroque or @zaid can shed some light on this.

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+100 to this!!!