Is it possible to SSH into an application using a normal client?

I’ve set up an application for SSH going to a local machine using a Cloudflare tunnel. I created the hostname, then the application on port 22 of the local machine. If I go to that domain in the browser, I get an SSH session in the browser.

However, I am unable to SSH to that domain directly from a local console; it just times out. I’m not sure how the auth works, or if this is not supported at all.

I’d like to ssh to the public endpoint and have it connect through the tunnel on port 22. Or does Cloudflare ONLY do 80/403?

Connection from a client involves an additional step documented here:

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That requires installing cloudflared on the client machine, however. I was hoping the port would be exposed for connection to anyone who authenticated, without installing additional software.

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That’s not how Access works. With the Warp client installed in a Teams (Cloudflare Zero Trust) environment, you can allow access without also using cloudflared. Otherwise you can look at Spectrum which has no user specific authentication at the proxy layer.

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