Is it possible to serve Amazon S3 MP4 videos through Cloudflare?


Is it possible to serve mp4 videos stored in Amazon s3 through cloudflare?
I saw some articles about adding amazon s3 into cloudflare dns. But this topic is unclear.
I do not talk about TB’s but. At least 200-300GB of videos can be bandwidth’ed via Cloudflare?


Why would you want to? I have a bunch of stuff on S3 that’s proxied by Cloudflare, but it’s nothing that huge. Mine is only a few megs. Max size here is 512 Megs:


Videos are below 512mb each. Id like to minimize amazon s3 data out usage.
However videos arent accuretly working while they are dns’ed and cached through cloudflare. Tested and it seems lots of latency issues, some videos dont starts, some others starts but cant be forwarding etc…


Is this Streaming Video? According to the end of the thread below, HTTP/2 isn’t streaming-friendly.


Not “true” streaming but video on demand streaming so mp4 videos are watchable by aws s3 itself. But when i put cloudflare in front of it , the problems comes as like you mentioned on the previous topic. I also tried cache everthing option.
I am confused about whether cloudflare supports embedded video streaming or not.
Some low sized videos are correctly working but majortiy of them arent.


Do you think can I use cloudflare as a front for this purpose?


If it really is the HTTP/2 issue, you can try setting up a subdomain for this that’s not using HTTP/2.


How can I create a page rule for that subdomain and to tell “do not use http2” ?


I’m looking through settings, and it looks like for Free and Pro plans, the only way to disable HTTP/2 is to turn off SSL. And that would mean you’d face Mixed Content errors for your site.

I just don’t see a way to embed video in the way you’re envisioning. The only workaround I can see is to create a page rule to disable SSL for specific pages with embedded video.