Is it possible to register a new domain yet?

Can I register a new domain or only transfer existing domains? I’m about to move away from Network Solutions, and I don’t want to create anything new there as I move my existing domains…

That’s still not available. There are certainly other good registrars to choose from for new domains. And then 60 days later, you can transfer to Cloudflare and not lose any registration time.

Can you recommend a good one? I’m currently very unhappy with Network Solutions. I don’t want to give them any more business.

Gandi is my favorite of the big ones. Porkbun is my favorite of the small ones.

Awesome, thank you. I was looking at Gandi too. Never heard of Porkbun, I’ll check them out…

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Does anyone know when we can expect to have new domain registrations in Cloudflare?

Sorry, no. Cloudflare hasn’t announced any date, so there’s no way to estimate.

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