Is it possible to re-assign super-user permissions?

I setup an account on behalf of my organisation, and created Administrator users for the Accounts dept to add in billing details. Unfortunately Administrators cannot access the Accounts section.

Can I re-assign my Super User permissions to another account, and drop down to Administrator for my account?

Acc1: the current account with super admin permissions and the website
Acc2: org-owned account/accounts department

I believe the only way is to add the website to acc2 (if you have other websites on either system).

If Acc1 only has org-owned websites, you could switch Acc2 to a dummy/temporary email, then you could change the email for Acc1 to [email protected] (the correct email for your accounting department/the email that used to be assigned to Acc2). Now Acc1 is associated with your accounting department, and you can change the Acc2 email (the one that used to be used for accounting) to your email (Acc1’s original email). This means Accounting will “own” the property, and your account will be a “admin” instead of a super admin.

Is there anything that we can re-assign super-user permissions via the Cloudflare page?