Is it possible to open the interface from a shortcut in Windows?

Running Cloudflare WARP.exe does not open the GUI. Requires activation from the tray on the taskbar.

But what if I deleted the tray because I don’t use it?
Are there arguments for the shortcut to open Cloudflare WARP.exe?

Hi ,

Maybe this can help you

There’s nothing there about how to open the app without of the tray.

what do you mean exactly ?

When you launch a program through a Cloudflare WARP.exe, it runs in the background.

In Windows, you can open the application interface only from the system tray, which is located on the taskbar.

But I have removed the tray and therefore I can not access the program interface.

Uninstall all the app traces from settings apps and programs’ and re-download it .

Neither the stable version, nor the beta version, no allow you to open the Cloudflare interface not through the tray.

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