Is it possible to not proxy a specific URL?

If I have a domain with Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud icon) enabled, is there a way to have a certain URL like avoid that proxying?

That is, when someone visits that link, the server should interpret that request to be arriving from the visitor’s home IP. Not Cloudflare IP.

Is this something where Cloudflare workers can help?

Sorry, no. A Cloudflare DNS entry set to :orange: will only go to the IP address of the proxy server. Workers uses the proxy to work, so you can’t bypass the proxy that way.

Why do you need to bypass the proxy for that specific URL?

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Thanks for the swift reply. There is a specific URL that can be accessible only via my work proxy. That proxy is set up on my computer.

When I visit that URL, the requests seem to be arriving from Cloudflare IP, and thus, the content of that page do not load. I was hoping to turn off Cloudflare proxy for that URL, so that the content loads as expected.

If you have root access to that server, you can set it to show your real IP address instead of the Cloudflare Proxy ones.


I do not have access, but looks like this is the only option. Thank you!