Is it possible to map a domain and directory from one server to another?

We’d like to treat 2 different servers (currently on 2 different sub domains) as a single domain accessible via a directory name.
For example:
We have mydomain running on server 1.
I have server 2 running our games at games.mydomain
I’d like to lose the subdomain games, and have map to

I don’t want it to redirect, I’d like server 2 to stay as mydomain without the games. subdomain.

This will help with some cross domain issues we’re running into as well as some SEO benefits as have a lot of activity on games.mydomain that I would like mydomain to be getting the time on site benefits from.

There are two blog posts that should help you here.

This is great, thanks! The 2nd article looks like it has exactly what I need.

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