Is it possible to make output RTMP stream to custom address?

Hello, I would like to know if is it possible to make RTMP output to a custom address or to get a full list of available services such as Youtube or Twitch?

Also, is it possible to use HLS Manifest URL with custom players?

From my understanding of your question, as far as I tried Cloudflare Stream → Live Input, yes it works and it is possible. I can point it to YouTube, Facebook, etc. using the URL / stream key.

I might have to check for this.

May I tag @renan as he might provide more additional information to your question. Kindly and patiently wait for a reply.

Yes, but Cloudflare analytics and error reporting will be unavailable.

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Yes to both :slight_smile: You can push to any arbitrary service that supports RTMP and you can use a custom player (see michael’s link above)


For example, I setup my own nginx RTMP server on my PC, opened port 1935 on my firewall and try to push the signal from CF Create Output, but it doesn’t work. I just see a status “Connecting”/“Disconnected”. My server works well I have tested it from my home pc.

@user2076 did you try the similar setup but from outside of your home network? For example, from a cafe or a neighbor’s home internet? If you can’t reach your RTMP server on your PC from outside your home network, Cloudflare also can’t reach it (and will how connection issue as you described above).

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