Is it possible to increase the number of ip lines

Is it possible to increase the number of ip lines
We need more than 15,000 ip

“You have used 2 of 10 lists and 9,999 of 10,000 items.”

I think you can just create one more list to accommodate another 5000 IPs?

We have 2 lists of 5000, we need at least 4000 more

I believe it’s capped at 10K entries to maintain performance. If it is possible to have the limit raised, I would guess it’s reserved for Enterprise customers.

Are any of these IPs in the same subnet? If you use CIDR notation, you can enter a prefix length between /8 and /32 for IPv4 or /12 and /64 for IPv6.

Looks like 10k is the hard limit.

The number of Rules Lists you can create depends on the Cloudflare plans associated with the zones in your account. Regardless of plan, you can store up to a total of 10,000 items, spread across all of your lists.

For example, if I write
I get the error
“invalid value for ip at position 0: filters.api.CIDR has host bits set (Code: 10036)”

Yeah, it should be - 13 is the host bit.

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we are being attacked from to

If you write like this, it will block 255 addresses

You can try to use a smaller prefix to match these IP addresses, though you might need more calculations to create a list of IP prefixes that match all the IPs.

You can use the following site to calculate the optimal CIDR notations: to would be:
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thanks for the service I used, it gave out different values

If the same attacker is using IPs from to then they most likely “own” the entire and are just using part of it.

Though do be careful with what IPs you block and make sure to provide a way for people to contact you if they think they’ve been falsely blocked.

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