Is it possible to have the user authenticate with Cloudflare? (oauth)

Hey there,

I’m currently implementing authentication for an app and was wondering if it’s possible to use Cloudflare as an identity provider, as opposed to have them enter an email and password in my oauth popup.

Basically what I’m after is a “Sign in with Cloudflare” flow for my app, as this would greatly improve UX (as the user is signed into CF already there’s no need for a signup flow or input fields).

Maybe this is possible already but I can’t find any documentation on this (the search results for “Cloudflare oauth” are pretty overloaded with unrelated enterprise products :smile: )

Does anyone know if this is currently possible?

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Generally no, as Cloudflare doesn’t yet have an OAuth flow, or the ability to scope access tokens to specific permissions. I know both are things on the roadmap, but I don’t have any word on when specifically they will be available.


Understood. Then I’ll go with a Google, Github, FB provider combo for now (should be sufficient for the common CF audience). :smile:

Thanks for the clarification!

I have a Cloudflare hosting partnership and would love to see this feature. The current authentication method for the Cloudflare hosting partner API is a pain as it fails if the user in question already has a Cloudflare account and we don’t have their password (I don’t really want to ask for the user’s Cloudflare password in our interface as it looks insecure).

Do you have an update on when this might be introduced?

Sorry for hijacking an old topic.