Is it possible to have positive SSL certificates for redirected domains?

Hello Community,

I have one main domain and many other domains that redirect to the main one. Is there a way to have positive SSL certificates for the domains that redirect? They are not “child” or “sub” domains - in other words, it’s domain redirecting to domain

Much appreciated!

Should be possible by turning on HSTS & Always HTTPS and then redirecting from: ==>

But not from: ==>

Becasue then the redirect is happening before SSL-Redirect.

Hi M4rt1n,

Thanks for the response. => implies that domain already has SSL? There are many domains that redirect to domain and I am trying to figure out a way to make it so each one of these domains has its own positive SSL certificate.

Thanks again

Any redirect-only domains in your Cloudflare account can have SSL. This tutorial makes it pretty easy:


Hi sdayman,

This seems to have worked, thanks!

Just a note: for each domain, it is important to “+Add Site” for each domain and Create Page Rule for each. Moreover, it’s important to create a page rule for AND (with and without the www.)


Glad to hear it worked.

As for the Page Rule, you only need the one shown in the tutorial. *example will match “example” and anything before “example” as well, whether it’s nothing, or has a dot.

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