Is it possible to have new DNS servers with each site?

Hi, I have a ton of websites I’m going to be putting on Cloudflare. I was planning on having all of my sites under one account, but I need each site to have unique DNS servers.

Is it possible to get unique DNS servers for each site I add to my account? Or will I have to make a new account for each domain? I can obviously do this, but it’s just an extra hassle I’d like to avoid.


Normally it should be possible to register several domains with the same name server (for my domains it was always Jay & Mary)

If your domain provider has restrictions there, you might want to contact your provider.

Can you provide more information about the need for unique nameservers? What’s the driver or limitation?

For the purpose of not connecting my sites together. I want them to remain completely anonymous from each other, and all of my sites using the same 2 DNS servers would link them together.

Powering over 38% of managed DNS domains, Cloudflare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world. It is very unlikely that someone would come up with the idea to associate the domains because of the nameserver.

I think it would be more likely that domains will be associated with each other using the Universal SSL Certificate or the server’s IP address.

I’m not worried about someone, but about search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) linking the accounts together through Cloudflare. I have seen it happen with peers.

Regardless, I just need to know if it’s possible or not. If not I’ll just make a bunch of accounts.

With nameservers alone, no. It is more likely that domains will be associated by the Origin IP or by incorrect configurations of the web server (e. g. if the server on the IP uses the SSL certificate of the domain).

That still doesn’t answer my question…

It’s possible, but I doubt Support will go through all that. The IP address debate has raged for over a decade, and the consensus appears that Google will only penalize you if you’re linking between your websites since they’re in the same address block.