Is it possible to have and/or pay for an IP location by Country issued from CloudFlare which is different than USA visible in WHOIS?

Just wonder, if could be possible for some future request?

Or maybe better question and easier, why does it have to by eqactly the USA IP address either CloudFlare has multiple locations with country IPs?

I understand the complexity and technicallity, but, there are some really f***ing people which look only for that one “detail” regarding the EU-USA privacy and GDPR :frowning_face:

And just because, I cannot demonstrate and prove them it’s all good. Maybe should I back-up with some CloudFlare links like Privacy, GDPR, documents, Terms of use, etc?

I am so sad to ask that stu*id question but I have to.

Example from
IP Address: 104.2*.1**.2** - 461 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location: United States Of America - California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc.

Is it possible to somehow acquire and buy a “Pro Plan” or some other from CloudFlare to have the Country IP from for example Brazil or Germany or EMEA zone?

For example:
MyIP: 83.18*.6*.2** and I am using and for DNS, so my “host” appears to be the nearest one 172.68.2**.1*
Using the for 172.68.2**.1*, gives the country IP instad of Origin, or am I missing something?

Is that even possible with CloudFlare?

Moreover, as far as I understand, the IP change by the given NS records for domain? - multiple IPs are (IPv4 and IPv6).

So, guessing that is not possible and not even in a plan for, due to the complex system and maintenance.

Thanks for ideas and sharing info which you can and again thank you for great service!

Such an IP address would be useless, as it has nothing to do with where the data flows due to the Anycast network. But for Enterprise customers, there’s this:

For anybody nitpicking about GDPR, here’s a link for such people:

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Cloudflare has two offerings which potentially could meet this requirement BYOIP (Bring your Own IP) and Magic Transit. Both scenarios involve Cloudflare advertising your IP address ranges. Both of those are premium offerings and neither changes the reality that Cloudflare will broadcast those as anycast IPs across hundreds of datacenters across the globe.

Where regional data processing is required Cloudflare also offers regional services (which doesn’t change where the IPs are advertised, but rather where the data is decrypted).

Lawyers (armchair and otherwise) interpret regulations and requirements in so many fun and exciting ways that there’s likely no single answer which will satisfy. I feel your pain.


Thank you for usefull information and provided links!