Is it possible to have 2 CNAME records?

I have an A record and CNAME pointing to a host so my website works. I want to use short links for affiliate link and I have a service that provides short links. Is it possible to have a 2nd CNAME pointing to that site so I can make short links using my domain name? I tried this and got an error that you cannot have 2 CNAMEs.

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Can you share a screenshot of your DNS setup (with censored IPs)?
And tell us what CNAME you want to point where?

No. You cannot have 2 CNAMEs occupying the same namespace. How would a visitor’s web browser know if it was supposed to go to your site or the short link site?

You could add a CNAME on a subdomain like and point it to that service.


I tried to setup a CNAME for a subdomain called “promo” and then when I try the new short link I got an error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned. My dns settings are below and the error is below that.

If the content system I’m using doesn’t have a link shortener is there any other way to use a 3rd party service that does allow custom domains? Seems strange that 3rd party services do allow you to hook up your domain when that’s all they do… you have to have your host somewhere else so wouldn’t everyone get this error? I must be doing something wrong.

Here’s the full error…it wouldn’t let me post it above

Error 1014

Ray ID: 740d72278e52db0d • 2022-08-26 15:01:59 UTC

CNAME Cross-User Banned

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host is configured as a CNAME across accounts on Cloudflare, which is prohibited by security policy.

With a 1014 error, my first recommendation would have been to set it to :grey: DNS Only, but your screenshot shows it already is.

Is the shortening service configured to recognize and respond to that name?

The link shortening service instructions say to add a CNAME to their clean simple domain not xxxxxxxxxxxx.domain. That’s what I tried. I can try a different link shortening service but the error appears that it violates Cloudflare’s security somehow.

The link shortening service still needs to know that it is supposed to respond to requests that contain your alias in the hostname header. I suppose they could respond to any hostname, but I wouldn’t expect such a loose configuration. This is why I asked if you configured that name in their service as well as in your Cloudflare DNS.

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