Is it possible to forward emails to a Gamil account?


I am hosting the domain with and using Cloudflare for the DNS servers.

I have an email with They seem to only allow forwarding of emails if the DNS records are with them.

Sense, the DNS records are with Cloudflare, is there a way to forward emails to Gamil through Cloudflare?

If so how?



Cloudflare does not offer email forwarding services.

You could use a free email forwarding service, or, if you instead want to actually have an email address at your domain, there is Google Workspace as well as Office 365 which work perfectly with CF.

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You can use a service like which is free for a single domain. It’s basically the free alternative to google workspace. is another full email solution. From there, you can configure email forwarding(either zoho/yandex to forward to anywhere)