Is it possible to find all cname entries for a domain in CloudFlare?


A cname entry ( is certainly configured in CloudFlare by one of my old supplier, but I can’t remember nor find it.

Is it possible to list all cname for a domain in CloudFlare?

Thanks for your help.

It is not entirely clear what you are asking.

Is your domain hosted on Cloudflare?

Is it that you have a domain name (, and other people are pointing their DNS (for at it so you are seeing requests on your webserver coming from Cloudflare, but you want to find out that it is that is generating the requests?

Hello, thanks for your answer.

My domain is hosted elsewhere. I would like to be able to set up a custom domain name with a SaaS software provider. This provider uses CloudFlare to offer custom domain names to their customers. But in my case, it tells me that the domain name has already been registered with CloudFlare by another provider. I would like to know who that provider is so I can ask them to remove the entry from CloudFlare.

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