Is it possible to exclude URLs from a redirect rule?

We are trying to redirect traffic from site to but some pages will still be used on and need to exclude those pages from the page rule. We could do individual redirects but there is 10s of 1000s of pages overall to redirect.

is it possible to exclude specific URLs from a redirect page rule?

Not within the same Page Rule. You’d have to put a Page Rule above that for the local pages with some benign setting so it hits that rule first, then doesn’t go on to the next rule.

We tried that and it didnt work, can you provide an example where its working.

This is fairly standard for any Page Rule.

Might be easier to share a screenshot of your Page Rules, and give an example of where it is not working.

Page Rules are evaluated in order from top to bottom, and the very first rule that matches the URL will be executed. No other Page Rules will be evaluated once a match is made. So to stop a page rule for executing for a particular path, you need to place a “dummy” Page Rule above the Forwarding Rule. A Dummy rule just sets some value that does nothing, like setting SSL to Strict if you already set Strict at a zone level.

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