Is it possible to direct Cloudflare to 2 IPs?

We would like to direct Cloudflare to not one, but 2 IPs from proxy servers as an additional layer of safety. Is it possible to do that and if yes, where and how? We are new to Cloudflare, any help is greatly appreciated!

You can just create multiple A/AAAA records to acheive that, known as Round-robin DNS: Round-robin DNS · Cloudflare DNS docs
If you are on Pro or higher (and the record is proxied), via Zero Downtime Failover, Cloudflare will automagically try the other IP if one fails.


Thank you very much, that article was what I was looking for!

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Thank you @Chaika.

This perfect response shows how everything on the internet is really magic, and Cloudflare community is just Hogwarts in disguise.

Thank you.


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