Is It Possible To Connect NGINX As A Reverse Proxy Manager To Argo?

Is it possible to run NGINX as a reverse proxy connected to Argo and have CNAME DNS entries pointing to the root so that specific sub domains will hit the Cloudflare Tunnel , and NGINX can route the subdomain that was requested to the proper port that the service is running on? For example, NGINX reverse proxy running on DNS CNAME entry of subdomain1, and NGINX has an entry for subdomain1 to route to http://localhost:3000.

Would it be possible for you to clarify what you trying to achieve here?
Is there a specific point of having nginx as a reverse proxy here?
You can find more details about Cloudflare Tunnel here:

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Nginx Proxy Manager, for example, has a well-defined UI which allows easy customization of access lists/routes to various backend services. Cloudflare currently requires these mappings be done by hand in the config.yml file. It would be convenient if you could connect a tunnel to an existing NPM instance by just specifying a wildcard in the YAML config to route to port 80 locally (where Nginx is running, acting as a reverse proxy).

tunnel: <tunnel-id>
credentials-file: /etc/cloudflared/<tunnel-id>.json

  - hostname: "*.domain.tld"
  - service: http_status:404

Expanding upon the UI to allow ingresses to be defined in a GUI may eliminate the want/need for NPM, in any case.

Hi there!
Any luck with the NPM and the Cloudflare Tunnel ?

This has always worked…. No update needed.

yes, exactly, I can see that now.
It took me a while to figure it out.


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