Is it possible to configure a longer timeout in cloudflare so that error 520 does not appear?

Hello I have this problem happening almost never, but I wanted to know what are the advice for me to start the investigation, I just give an F5 and the page goes back to normal.

Errors happening with Wordpress, would I be able to configure the Cloudflare Timeout?

Instead of this error appearing, wait just 1 second more and then try again to connect to the server.

In this case I prefer the user to wait 1 or 2 seconds instead of an error screen like this one.


That’s not one of Cloudflare’s timeout codes. How long does it take before this error show up? Cloudflare timeout is about 100 seconds.

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I’m on wp-admin and switch to any other page within the wordpress dashboard

Then this error appears and if I give an F5 instantly it disappears…

And it happens once every 5 days with me, but it should happen again with my clients…

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