Is it possible to change video ownership?

This section of the api states that admin rights can be transferred on a video if the right conditions are met, however it’s not clear if that means a video can actually be transferred to another Cloudflare account, as far as hosting and streaming costs are concerned.

Is this possible?

Hey! This is a great question. Unfortunately there is no straightforward API to transfer videos across accounts human involvement. If you own or manage both of the accounts and transferring all videos in one account to the other, we can help you. Please drop us a quick note at our support email with information on which account IDs (you can find this in the Stream dashboard) you’d like all the videos transferred and we can take care of you. Linking this post in your message would also help us get to this faster!

If you want only a few videos transferred, or you don’t manage both accounts, or you use account-linked features such as signed-urls, the transfer of videos becomes more complicated so I would go through your customer success manager (for customers who have a enterprise contract with us) to figure out a solution that works for you.