Is it possible to change the default ports to the alternate ports?


I’m new to this, so excuse any mistakes I make. I’m setting up my domain to point to my home server but my ISP isn’t letting me port forward port 80 or 443 properly.

I found the alternate port page and port forwarded that instead(port 2096) and it works but it’s slightly inconvenient as i always have to type it in. Is it possible to configure Cloudflare to use that port by default without putting it in the address bar?

These are the ports that Cloudflare support.

You can try the Portzilla app in the Cloudflare Dashboard (Apps section). I’m not sure how deep it will go when following links, but it’s the easiest approach.

I’m using port 2096 currently for https but I want to know if it’s possible to set that as my preferred port so i don’t have to type it in every time i want to connect to the server.

Thanks, I’ll try it now and see if that works. But from a quick glimpse, it seems I might have to pay to get more routes.

Update: I ended up getting an error 1019 from Cloudflare and it only works on that chosen route. So i guess that’s out of the question for now since i’ll have to pay for more routes.

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