Is it possible to change cloudflare video thumbnail so I can recognize them more easily?

I’m curious if the default video thumbnail can be changed. I only receive dark thumbnails because my films always begin with a dark screen. It makes videos difficult to identify on the Cloudflare interface.

If you’re embeding your video, you can set thumbnail either via iframe or video HTML 5 element by adding the poster either as an attribute element, or as a query parameter to the video URL.

Nevertheless, you can generate one “on-the-fly” too, if you need.

I am talking about the Cloudflare dashboard. I want to identify videos more easily on the Cloudflare dashboard with different thumbnails.

I am afraid it’s not possible :thinking: Could be I am wrong about it.

However, we can create one via timestamp. Maybe that’s the way to change the “default one”. And yet, this could be done in CF dashboard as well.

Not sure if it would be applied as it seems it’s for the embeded player, however it’s worth of a try at least.